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Ariella Atzmon: Try extracts then Buy:  

The cultural loss called Political Correctness
.... £7.99



Richard Dumbrill: press here to read the introduction to his iconic 'Musicology Of the Ancient Near East'


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77 Sunset Strip         £4.99    most numbers only make music..... 


Travellers Tales 1         £4.99    Tales to conjure with..... 
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Traveller's Tales 2        £4.99   True tales to surprise you....
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Traveller's Tales 3        £4.99      Unlikely stories ....
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Traveller's Tales 4        £.....      available soon...

Traveller's Tales 5        £4.99      Impolite stories ....


    Under the Newly Fallen Snow £4.99 Romance in a cool place ....        


Foreign Parts  Suzi Meyer   £4.99 Down-under mit Strudel ...and her friends! To sample click

also available through Amazon Kindle



Birdland. £3.99  Frank Lauder 

Press here to sample our new best seller. The final volume of the Lucky, Riffraff and Birdland Trilogy. Soon to be published by Olympia Press London in one volume: The Shape of Space.




Picture this... £3.99Larissa deVries

to read a sample press here

someone like her? You'll never believe it.........




Woolly-Bully £4.99 Frank Lauder

To read a sample, press here

Old adventures but in the now, again and again . It'll grab you where you least expect, a dangerous addiction......



mily         £5.99   Vita Beckett     Don't even ask... it's all in the Family!



Le Pendule        £4.99  It could just happen to you .....      sample it, click here

Fox                        £4.99      Philosophers among the ruins click to try me

In Your Dreams      £4.99     Alphabet soup, Hollywood style click to try


King Radio            £4.99     Communication in all it's deadliest detail  click here to listen in!




Pierre le Fou.....  £4.99   

Running to somewhere mysterious... Click here to read a sample




Le Square              £5.99   All you ever needed to know about form ....  ... to try+click here

the cult classic now in a second edition





   Lucky     £4.99      This just can't be true! click to try out volume one of the trilogy, Lucky, Riffraff, Birdland soon to be published by Olympia Press London in one volume: The Meaning of Forty Two.

Riffraff                £4.99    Nose-to-nose with the secrets of the forest. To try click volume two of the trilogy Lucky, Riffraff, Birdland to be published by Olympia Press London: The Meaning of Forty Two.

The Disappeared        £4.99        A war of romanciers gone wrong  click - to try

Players & Thieves  £5.99   This isn't real - or is it?!  An unauthorized autobiography.

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Poetry: The latest version of Olympia Press's rolling Anthology :£4.99  Read a Sample


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