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Title Author The Plot


          Frank Lauder

   PT Jones meets The Million Pound Note.    To buy press here *

            Riffraff           Frank Lauder                       Money mountains and murder             To  buy press here*
               Birdland           Frank Lauder                     Romance by Micky Spillane       To  buy press here*
              Picture this...           Larissa deVries                            Murder au Lait            To  buy press here*

Title Author The Plot


            Frank Lauder

      Just don´t go there! It´s safer at home. To buy press here *

             King Radio             Frank Lauder                           Ether and chips                   To  buy press here*
               In Your Dreams             Frank Lauder                      Hamlet by Micky Spillane        To  buy press here*
               The Disappeared           Francisco Reage                            Chile con carnage              To  buy press here*

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