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Typing into a WP package
We offer writers a complete range of services.  We can help whether your book has been hand written, typed or wordprocessed and is intended for printing or self-publishing in digital format. There is a unique pleasure in writing by hand, letting your pen give shape to your thoughts. Or you could be looking again at an old manuscript, done before the screen ousted paper. Certainly, you can make bound copies of that manuscript, but in most cases if you want to publish it to the widest audience, it must be in a form that can be read by a computer.  If a computer can read it, then the literary agent or the publisher's editor can read it too.


If your manuscript is handwritten, our people can copy it into Word. You will receive a file with the finished work by email or a CD by normal post.

The cost depends on the quality of your handwriting, the average number of words per page and the total number of pages. You can expect to pay from uk£4.00 per A4 page. Let us see a sample of your work and we will let you have a quotation.


Have you ever hard of an English phrase-book entitled English as She is Spoke? It was written around 1855 by a Portuguese translator, Pedro Carolino, who crafted this phrase-book for Portuguese students despite having no English and only Portuguese-to-French and French-to-English dictionaries. The resulting helpful hints like "Have him some children?", "This girl have a beauty edge", "Esculpate me by your brother's", the puzzling "Dry this wine" and the somewhat obscure "It nurst to retouch it" have made English As She is Spoke a masterpiece of unintentional humour, regularly re-printed for almost one hundred and fifty years..

If you want your book to be judged on its own merits in other languages, our translators can do it justice.


We also offers editing services to take your manuscript to the standard expected by publishing professionals and give it the best chances of success.

All editing services are based on an hourly rate of uk£30.00.

Hard copy editing: we annotate your manuscript with proofreaders' marks in red ink. Average cost: uk£1.00 per page.

Editing: we proofread and directly change or annotate your text file as required. Average cost: uk£1.50 per page.

Manuscript critique, polishing, re-working or rewriting: we give you a critique of your submission package (often the outline and a sample chapter), or we help you overcome style and structure problems, or step in at any point and any level to complete your work. For these services there is no average price and you should expect to pay from about uk£70.00 for the critique, to uk£1,500 and more for the rewriting.


We can convert documents from and to most popular digital formats. File conversion rates are based on a uk£15.00 per hour charge and typical file formats include:

PDF/Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Microsoft Word (.doc)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Hyper Text Markup Language (.html) (.htm)
ASCII Text File (.txt)
Other formats if available.


When it comes to presentation, web publishing does not mean being able to cut corners in writing quality. Not only that, but quality covers, illustrations and page layouts are not only desirable but expected by buyers and we will ensure that your written word is matched by its visual presentation.

Tell us what you have in mind and we will give you a quote.


We can produce top quality books, manuals and other publications in soft or hard-bound versions.

Book prices vary and you can spend as much or as little as you want. 


100 paperback copies of your book, size up to 5.5" x 8" (148.50mm x 210mm). Up to 350 pages, perfect bound, comprising digitally printed text pages (80gsm) and full colour cover (130gsm card), uk£500.00.
100 hardback copies of your book, size up to 5.5" x 8" (148.50mm x 210mm). Up to 350 pages, comprising digitally printed text pages (80gsm), cold glued and case bound in cloth with blocking on the spine, uk£700.00.


All quotations are given free of charge and will vary over time.

If you accept our quotation, we require a 50 per cent deposit with your order and 50 per cent upon delivery of completed work. We accept payment by all major credit cards and cheques drawn in Pounds Sterling on a British bank.

Please NEVER send us the only existing copy of your manuscript. Murphy's Law says that if anything can go wrong, it will, and it may be just your manuscript that gets mislaid by the postal service or the couriers.

Please contact us for more information about our services. Or you can email here, just press.


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