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Olympia Press brings you another new idea. An ever-rolling anthology of poetry. As you see, all kinds of poems from all kinds of poets make up our collection which is accessible through the button above, an anthology augmented at intervals with new work by our creative visitors and authors. We're compiling book 3, so if you are a poet who would like to join in the building of our next anthology, please send your poem by email to: info@bookstreet.net


We also aim to create a collection of today's Haikus, a rolling anthology just like the poetry one above. You'll know that the Haiku was originally a Japanese form of verse, aiming to encapsulate a single range of thoughts within a rhyme scheme of 17 syllables in the order five, seven, five. 'The haiku (俳句, haiku ), derived from haikai consists of a short poem of three lines of five, seven, five, berries respectively.'

We're offering a modern form, one which maintains the 17 syllables, but in any form that makes poetic sense. It's not only pleasurable to completely encapsulate a passing thought, emotion, idea (and maybe mean it to be for someone you know) but also personally positive - and you can read it on the screen via bookstreet and be assured of an audience online. Now write - then tell someone about it!


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