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Since its founding eighty years ago in the 20th Century,

by the Girodias' who sought to showcase

great creative talents such as

Henry Miller Hubert Selby Jnr.

Pauline Reage Violette le Duc Harriet Daimler

and Lawrence Durrell among many others,

The Olympia Press London

has continued their mission into our 2nd milennium by

discovering such exciting new writers as


Suzi Meyer AD HarveyFrancisco Reage

Declan O'Reilly

Larissa deVries MarianneWagner

Frank Lauder

and Vita Beckett.


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Thus the Olympia Press is

now set to develop a new, refreshing

creative world view for writers.


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Publishing original plays novels poetry and literary works is part of Olympia's mission. Remember that.


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