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Olympia Press`s lost Authors

It's true. After the death of Maurice Girodias The Olympia Press lost contact with most of our former Authors.

Of course we want you back - so as soon as you see or hear of this message get in contact

through the Olympia Press email which is below.

We want to republish your books, it's as simple as that. So get in touch..

Our World is flooded with mediocrity and bad vanity writing. The Olympia Press is here to spur the whole world of writers who love their Art, thus achieving real literary merit. This is publishing at its finest following that famous dynasty, the Girodias’ who created The Olympia Press in Paris seventy years ago. Thus the Girodias’s discovered the finest writers of the twentieth century, Henry Miller, Nabakov, Durrell, Reage, Genet, Burroughs, Selby, Leduc, - and many others, thus changing your World of Ideas forever. Not for nothing is the Olympia Press today still famous for being, to quote The New York Times, “A literary enterprise that has profoundly influenced contemporary writing and culture.”

Be part of it, again.


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