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... bookstreet and Olympia Press are about freedom of expression of ideas and creativity. Contrary to popular opinion, creative writers have always had a tough time getting their ideas looked at. What are now held up to us as great classics were often sneered at in their times and only became celebrated when they became commercial properties through alternative strategies. Let us here detail a few authors whose books were published despite the destructive efforts of established publishers in the past. Virginia Wolff? Virginia Wolff founded the Hogarth Press because she was desperate to publish her unedited ideas. Who would not find that strange today? Jonathan Swift? Jonathan Swift published Gulliver’s Travels as a commercial venture and self-published all his later novels such as Moll Flanders. Evelyn Waugh? Contacts in the business. Henry Miller? First Published by the Olympia Press via the Girodias’s who were looking for talent - and anyway his output would have been severely censored in those creatively sad days. Nabakov? Lolita was un-publishable when the Olympia Press published it: and now it’s a classic. Jean Genet and Violette Leduc were considered outcasts for their ideas, yet Olympia Press made them greats. The List is so long that you'd hardly believe it : ideas are often political to the small mind, poison to one and food for another. Think about the Marquis de Sade (also published by Olympia) and D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce and Choderlos de Laclos (Le Liasions Dangereuses, recently filmed several times for Hollywood as The Dangerous Liaisons and with other titles) both self-published. Even Graham Greene, the celebrated English writer and Somerset Maugham, another great, were largely started by contacts they knew in publishing. Even Winston Churchill’s output was published by a good friend, who at the time happened to own the largest publishing house in the world....
Contacts? We all need them – in this case publishers which have as their true mission the enrichment of real writing by the inclusion of new ideas from previously unknown authors, as well as the continued publishing of authors who have something relevant and positive to add to the canon of creative writing - people like you - think of bookstreet and Olympia Press as your new contact.


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