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If you're writer you should know that we´re always looking for fresh ideas. Be busy, creatively, we are! click here.




Creativity is what it's all about. If you have something you've always wanted to say, use bookstreet or Olympia Press as you vehicle. We'll do it, make it known and appreciated in the network. Try us, that's all. To contribute, press here.




'The haiku (俳句, haiku ), derived from haikai consists of a short poem of three lines of five, seven, five, berries respectively' Olympia favours a more modern form, retaining the 17 syllables and using any harmonious, workable, creative poetical schema. Try it yourself - be surprised! To find a Haiku or to contribute, press here.



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Haiku? That's part of Olympia's job.


Try it, be surprised and then tell us.






Poetry? That's part of our mission too.


If you're a writer and would like to see yourself in our list. Ask. That's all.


Olympia publishes poets: ask us - its that simple !





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